Back in the 1990s, most of the people were not affordable to buy a new lorry and here Eng Kee started as a sole proprietor with a mission to provide affordable price lorry with good quality of second-hand lorry to everyone. He works all on his own, started with inspect lorry condition and took it in for minor repair such as own doing mudguard, changing interior seat cushion, painting lorry, and cleaning the whole lorry. His presence and hard work finally get acknowledged by many people, here he started to grow his business by hiring some workers and till today Eng Kee has become well known and trusted everyone. In the year 2007, Eng Kee started truck bodybuilding and in the year 2020 started selling rebuilt trucks with the top condition only.


Eng Kee also started as Hino 1S in the year 2006 and has been awarded HINO’s annual sales target consecutively for 15 years. Years of achievement, here comes Eng Kee been an authorized Hino 3S center in the year 2019 located in Klang, that provides customers a one-stop center offering truck sales, after-sales service, spare parts, insurance, and half-year inspection. In the year 2019, we have started to do accident claims under Axa Insurance for customers with Hino Brand trucks only and accident claim under Alliance insurance started in the year 2020 which also with Hino Brand.


  • Embrace Responsibility: We act with honesty, integrity, and thoughtfulness.
  • Nurturing people: Passionate about learning from each other and seek to constantly improve and innovate.
  • Grow: We want to see our employees grow, and acquire new skills and knowledge, so we provide all the tools and opportunities for you to reach new heights.
  • Kind: Listen from the heart, think empathetically, and help each other grow.
  • Excellence: Provide outstanding customer service, internally and externally.
  • Embrace the talents of your colleagues and our customers: Foster teamwork and collaboration across departments and with customers.


To be a well-known one-stop service that provides the best service to everyone which ease them with no worries and to provide the affordable price of the truck which best suit to each of customer needs with quality either new or second-hand truck.


Portray is honest and trustworthy and delivers our very best service to everyone.
Be a great workplace for people to outstanding themselves to the max in way of talent and skill.



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